Because It’s Mother’s Day

4th May 2015

I absolutely LOVE being a mom. It’s like Christmas morning every morning when I get to see my two little kiddos wake up. My two year old has the craziest personality and this morning I found her wearing her flip flops in her bed. I wonder if she put them on last night and slept the whole night with them? The fun little things they do are so simple, but it’s like fireworks go off in my heart every time they smile at me or give me a hug. It’s because of them that I get to run this little business of mine. I’m so lucky to be able to work from home and do what I love every (well almost every) minute of the day. And it’s also because of the amazing support of all of you that I get to keep doing it. Thank you!

Right now my husband is in the deepest, darkest midst of his finals for his doctorate program. We don’t see him that much which means my time mainly goes to keeping the kiddos taken care of. My mind is exploding with new ideas for prints that I want to work on for the shop, and after about 4 pm tomorrow, the hubs will be free-ish, and I can get to work! So sorry if your email hasn’t been replied to yet, or your print is a little delayed! I promise I’m working on it and will definitely get back to you soon!

In the meantime, here’s a little snapshot of the sweetness that is my family… (and of course the baby just woke up and is not happy ;-)


Today I want to Learn to Sew

25th March 2015

There is something about spring that makes me want to start new projects. This year, I’ve been going back and forth between woodworking and building a farmhouse table for the back yard, and sewing skirts and dresses. I’m guessing the latter is probably a better direction this month since things are so crazy around here. My mom has worked as a seamstress, so I grew up always having someone that could make me an outfit, sew dance costumes, or fix anything that needed to be mended. Now that I’m a mom, I REALLY want to be able to do that for my kids too. I just feel like there’s nothing more domestic than a woman that can sew well and can food. Am I right? I’m working on both, but for now, I’m just itching to start some sewing projects. This is the list ‘sew’ far…

Very Simple Tulle Skirt via Cotton and Curls

Very Simple Tulle Skirt via Cotton and Curls

I’ve owned the pattern for this one for a while (Simplicity 2444), and just need to find some fabric and my mom so she can show me how to read the pattern…

Sweet Bow Dress via Dapper Duds

Sweet Bow Dress via Dapper Duds

If I made these, I’m pretty sure this is all I would wear…

Skater Maxi Dress via Delia Creates

Skater Maxi Dress via Delia Creates

I’m thinking a great place to start would be some online workshops. I’ve found a few through, but if anyone has any good recommendations I’m all ears! Wish me luck, and let’s hope I don’t get burned out before I finish any of these!


I’m excited to share that I have teamed up with to create a huge bundle of Primary goodies for 2015!

Binder Cover Inserts

Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 3.53.41 PM

Theme Poster (1 of 2 new designs!)


Binder Covers & Sharing Time Outline/Calendar


Sharing Time Theme Flipbook (11×17)


Spotlight Form, Birthday, and ‘I Can Be Reverent’ Stickers



Assignment Cards and Bookmark

In this pack you’ll find the following:

  • Binder Cover Inserts for the Presidency and all the Primary callings!
  • Binder Spine Inserts
  • 2 pages of bookmarks
  • Birthday Stickers that work great with the 1″ printable Avery labels
  • ‘I Can Be Reverent’ Stickers that work great with the 1″ printable Avery labels
  • Sharing Time Calendar Outline and Calendar
  • Monthly Theme Poster Flipbook
  • 2 Theme Poster designs
  • Opening Exercises Assignment cards to pass out to the children
  • Spotlight forms for the children and leaders!

CLICK HERE for the link to download!

Family Proclamation Instant Downloads

8th October 2014

Now it’s easier than ever to update your Family Proclamation print with a fun and different design! I decided that even though I’ll be slowing things down in the next few months with the new baby, I still wanted everyone to have the opportunity to have this wonderful message in their home, so I’ve made about a million different color options in an instant download format so you can print the Proclamation yourself! Yay! Click HERE to see all the color options.

FamilyProc_caribbean Proc3_poppy

FREE Gift Tag Printables + Screenprinting Template

6th October 2014

Did you catch the segment on Studio 5 I did doing a fun demo on Gocco printing? Ready to try it yourself?! Yay! Click on the tag images below to download printable pages of both designs, plus my template for the gocco print and a bonus 4×6 inch “Dearly Thankful” card. Score! If you have any questions about my process, feel free to get in touch and I’ll help you out.


Print Love Via Pinterest & Etsy

12th September 2014

Like many people, I love Pinterest and of course Etsy. I spend most of my time there getting amazing ideas, and also getting greatly overwhelmed by all the amazing talent out there. Here are some of my latest faves:


Geometric Deer Silhouette by GeometricInk


Precious Diamonds Family Tree from Martha Stewart


Be a Nice Human Print from ohmydeer


Hello Floral Print by Alexa Z Design

I’ve Been Missing You All My Life…

21st April 2014

Mother’s Day has meant so much more to me in the last year now that I am actually a momma. I never believed that such a little person could bring me so much happiness, and as I reflect on how much she means to me I feel so blessed to be part of her little life.

A few weeks after I had little June I stumbled across the amazing series by PBS, Call the Midwife. I may have still been a bit emotional as I watched, and seriously cried at least once during every episode. And for those of you who knew me pre-baby, I DID NOT CRY. Like at all. There was one line in a particularly sad episode where a new mother was holding her new baby girl and the nurse asked her how she was feeling. The mother profoundly responded; “Like I’ve been missing her all my life.” That line put words to exactly how I feel about my little one, and I’m sure every mom feels about their children. It’s like a gap has been filled, and I think about that all the time…


I am so lucky to do what I do so that I can stay at home and be with my little Junebug all day. Thank you to everyone for all of your love and support for Collectivity Lane. Without it, there is no way that I could be doing what I love (designing and being a momma) from home.

As a special thank you, I’ve teamed up with Let’s Get Together for a special Mother’s Day giveaway. It’s time we show our mommas how much we love them, and these fantastic gals have put together a great list of meaningful gifts for moms. If you’re feeling a little stuck, check out their blog and enter for a chance to win your print of choice from my shop! Bonus!!

Collectivity-Lane-Collage copy
Happy Mother’s Day to all you special ladies out there!


What’s New!!

21st April 2014

Well, I have certainly been keeping busy  this spring with so many fun things at Collectivity Lane. First, the Bijou Market last week was a total blast. I didn’t get too many pics, but it was so fun to meet other vendors and locals who love handmade beauty as much as I do.

IMG_1424 IMG_1425The shop is also being featured in a fun giveaway on, so click on over to this fabulous blog to enter to win one of my prints!!


This is an fun challenge to write any haiku about spring! I get to be a judge and the winner get’s this fabulous Victorian Lace Egg gold foil print as a prize!